AIT in DoD Symposium

AIT in DoD Symposium

Integrating Practice, Technology, & Innovation

Session Presentations now available at the links below.

Keynote: Rear Admiral Baucom from USTRANSCOM


Rear Admiral David F. Baucom, TRANSCOM

Rear Admiral Baucom will discuss the importance of AIT to the Combatant Commanders and Services in the field. He will also share some examples where TRANSCOM has incorporated active and passive technologies into their business processes, even in austere locations.

Enterprise Asset Intelligence: Joe White, from Zebra

Joseph White, VP & GM Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies

Discover what enterprise asset intelligence is, where the enterprise asset intelligence is headed, 2015 market trends, and how industry changes should be seen as opportunities not disruptions.

Commercial Panel: Fohey and Lewis


Ms. Lisa Fohey, Director of Supply Chain, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Mr. Rick Lewis, Business Analyst for Aircraft Maintenance, Delta Airlines

Big Data: Matt Schler, from Datalogic

Mr. Matt Schler, Vice President New Technologies, Datalogic

Just what is big data and how is it being used to change and improve the way consumers shop and businesses sell? Discover how technology is working to deliver better results.

Academic Panel: Ogle, Maxwell, and Moayeri

Moderator: Mr. Bill Crowder, Senior Fellow, Logistics Management Institute
Dr. Daniel Maxwell, George Mason University
Dr. Nader Moayeri, National Institute for Standards and Technology
Dr. Michael Ogle, University of North Carolina

Learn how these industry technology users implemented data capture applications in a new and different way to achieve higher ROI and efficiencies.


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